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All-in-one marketing automation platform.

MarketingCloudFX is a holistic marketing automation software suite that combines lead tracking, call tracking, automated email marketing and much more.

Our MarketingCloudFX marketing automation software suite uses IBM Watson technology and consists of the following tools:

Optimize your purchasing funnel to increase conversions.

Improve conversion rates with in-depth lead analysis and advanced visitor targeting.

Track how users engage with your website and monitor what channels are working the best for your digital marketing efforts and optimize your purchasing funnel.

See what pages your users visit to create a more personalized experience and accelerate the sales process. This feature also shows user time on site, number of pages visited and how many times they came back to the site. User engagement metrics are great for optimizing your purchasing funnel to increase conversions.

Learn more about your audience.

MarketingCloudFX tracks which companies are visiting your website and provides meaningful data on their interactions with your web site. Our software also tracks user names, contact information and creates a lead score based on user engagement and length of lead time.

Personalize your content.

Earn more leads by personalizing your site’s content based on the industry, company size and behavior patterns of your visitors.

Improve user engagement with custom landing pages based on user industry, location and recurring or new user status.

Manage online reviews.

Get the most out of your online presence, and show customers you care by managing and responding to online reviews. Reviews are becoming the deciding factor whether a user will work with your business or not. With our ReviewBoostFX automation software, ask for feedback to boost your customer experience and increase positive reviews.

Feature-Rich Marketing Cloud Software for Business

Detailed Visitor Information

View details about every visitor such as industry, company, and even location.

Personalize Content

Automatically generated content that is specifically tailored to your target audiences.

Automated Email Marketing

Send email campaigns to just the right person at just the right time.

Advanced Targeting Settings

Target your visitors by location, industry, traffic source, and even site engagement.

Call Tracking Software

Track and record incoming phone calls and know exactly how they found you online.

Regular Analysis and Reporting

Receive a detailed analysis of your leads and phone calls reported by a highly trained web expert.

Mobile friendly app

View your site performance and key performance indicator progress on the go with our MarketingCloudFX mobile app.

CRM Integration

No need to manually enter lead information. With our software, we can automate the process.

MarketingCloudFX automation consultation specialists.

When using our proprietary MarketingCloudFX, on top of the extensive toolkits, our specialists will provide in-depth marketing automation consultation from data collected.

As a full-service digital marketing automation company, we offer our MarketingCloudFX software and consultation services to our clients for no additional cost.

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