A woman uses marketing automation software

What Is Marketing Automation? (Your Quick Guide to Success)

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An empty server room

What Is IBM Watson? (And Why Does It Matter to Businesses?)

Across industries, IBM Watson is a big deal. Whether your company operates in financing, healthcare, or technology, IBM Watson offers a suite of features that can help your business increase its productivity, competitiveness, and revenue. What is IBM Watson, though, … Read MoreRead More

A person uses AI in marketing their business

AI Marketing: What Is AI Marketing & Why Does It Matter?

More than 70 percent of business leaders consider artificial intelligence (AI) a business advantage. That’s why companies are adopting AI at a rapid rate, integrating the technology into multiple aspects of their operations, including marketing. What is AI marketing, though, … Read MoreRead More

A person leaves a review

How to Get Customers to Leave Reviews: 7 Must-Try Tactics

Today, online reviews influence more than 65 percent of purchasing decisions. Without online reviews, which almost 85 percent of people trust as much as word-of-mouth recommendations, your company risks losing valuable business to competitors. Learning how to get customers to … Read MoreRead More

A person uses artificial intelligence marketing on a laptop

7 Innovative Ways to Use Artificial Intelligence Marketing

In today’s competitive marketplace, your business needs powerful tools (and a smart team) to compete. That’s why artificial intelligence marketing is becoming a critical part of every company’s digital marketing toolset. How can you use artificial intelligence in marketing, though? … Read MoreRead More