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In today’s competitive marketplace, your business needs powerful tools (and a smart team) to compete. That’s why artificial intelligence marketing is becoming a critical part of every company’s digital marketing toolset.

How can you use artificial intelligence in marketing, though? A few ways, including these seven:

1.     Deliver personalized web experiences with AI

Consumers want personalization. In a recent study of more than 7,000 business buyers and shoppers, Salesforce discovered that almost 60 percent ranked personalization as a “very important” factor when buying from a company.

Personalization isn’t easy for businesses, though. It’s a time-consuming, as well as resource-intensive process to review data, discover patterns, and create personalized experiences for different groups of shoppers.

AI, however, can make personalization easy. When you incorporate artificial intelligence into your marketing strategy, you can start providing accurate product recommendations, reference customers by name, and more.

Applications like PersonalizeFX make AI marketing hassle-free. With this tool, which is a part of the MarketingCloudFX software suite, you can create a customized experience for users based on their industry, location, previous browsing history, and more.

2.     Build dynamic emails with powerful AI software

For many companies, email marketing is a core part of their marketing strategy. It’s useful for not only nurturing and generating leads but also for engaging current customers. With the results of email marketing, it makes sense to try and earn more from this digital marketing channel.

With artificial intelligence, you can maximize your return on investment (ROI) from email.

The advancements in AI now make it possible for your business to create dynamic email marketing campaigns. These campaigns allow your company to send hyper-targeted emails. Your AI program can generate these emails by looking at several critical user behaviors.

Create dynamic email marketing campaigns to send hyper-targeted emails

A few examples include:

  • How much time they spent on a particular page
  • What pages they viewed on your site
  • How they interacted with previous emails from your company

If your website allows users to create accounts, your AI can also reference account information to create relevant, must-open emails. Your AI program, for example, may assess the user’s wish list of products, previous purchases, and more.

In short, AI marketing plays a critical role in the success, as well as potential, of your email marketing campaigns. If you want to maximize the impact of your email marketing strategy, plus heighten your competitive edge, then you need to consider adding AI to your business.

3.     Provide unmatched customer service experiences with chatbots

As more consumers and business buyers use the Internet to find their next purchase, it’s become imperative for companies to provide 24/7 assistance. Many businesses, however, are discovering the perfect solution with chatbots.

A chatbot leverages the power of AI to its full extent.

It can answer common shopper questions, access account information, and even complete product purchases. With a chatbot, your company has an immense opportunity when it comes to your sales, customer service, and even marketing.

You can use a chatbot on not only your company’s website but also your social media. Facebook, for example, is one of the most common social media platforms for a chatbot, with companies of all sizes leveraging the technology to their advantage.

Chatbots can also serve a key role in your AI marketing strategy.

With your chatbot program, for example, you can gather valuable user data, like when it comes to common shopper questions, as well as shopper expectations for online customer service. Even better, with top service from your chatbot, you enhance your brand’s reputation among shoppers.

All these benefits can help your business grow and prepare for its next move in the market.

4.     Streamline content creation with AI

No matter your industry, your business can take advantage of AI-generated content. This content can include quarterly and annual business reports, as well as profit and loss summaries, stock market insights, and other rule-based content.

While your company will still need a dedicated team of copywriters for most of your marketing and advertising efforts, the introduction of AI into your writing efforts can help your team focus their resources on content that doesn’t follow a predictable set of rules.

PredictionGeniusFX can gauge the value of site content, helping you focus on the most valuable content pieces

New advancements in AI, however, promise new opportunities when it comes to AI marketing and copywriting. For example, some companies advertise AIs that can predict content your target audience will like.

Even PredictionGeniusFX, another tool of MarketingCloudFX, can provide predictions on valuable content for your website. It can also analyze existing content on your site, allowing your team to determine the current and potential value of that content.

5.     Leverage churn predictors to minimize churn rates

For many companies, especially those in the business-to-business (B2B) industry, churn rate is a real problem. If you want your business to grow and compete, you need to decrease your churn rates and increase your client retention rates.

While you can use AI to help your company earn back lost customers, it’s also useful when it comes to predicting about-to-churn customers. With this prediction, your business can take a proactive approach to reengaging these clients and rebuilding their loyalty.

For example, your company may create an AI-powered email marketing campaign. When your AI program senses an at-risk client, it delivers a personalized email with a product or service discount. Or, the email may highlight some unique benefits of your products, services, or business.

With this application of AI in marketing, you can take multiple approaches for keeping your churn rates low and your customer retention rates high. Get creative and think about your audience to brainstorm innovative, yet effective ideas.

6.     Create insightful customer personas with AI

Many businesses create target personas, with a name, occupation, and age for a fictional person that represents a portion of their target market. In most cases, this target persona doesn’t reach its full potential when helping your sales and marketing teams.

AI, however, can redefine how you approach target personas.

With powerful AI software, your team can create accurate, real-time customer personas. In addition, you can gain tremendous insight into the motivations and desires of those personas, like their interest in a specific product.

AI can help you create accurate, real-time customer personas that help your sales and marketing teams

When you understand what your target market wants, as well as the motivations of each person in your target audience, you can create a hyper-targeted marketing approach and shopping experience that drives leads and sales.

This kind of AI marketing can help your business accomplish some challenging goals, like growing your company in a competitive marketplace or expanding into a new area. AI is a massive advantage, and early adopters benefit the most.

7.     Discover profitable content topics

As more businesses become committed to digital marketing, including content marketing, it’s essential for them to invest their time, energy, and funds into useful content topics. It’s challenging, however, for marketing teams to determine which topics carry the most value.

With advanced AI software like ContentGeniusFX, however, your company can uncover valuable topics fast. Not only does ContentGeniusFX predict a future content topic’s ROI but also the value of an existing topic on your website.

This level of insight allows your business to invest itself in the most profitable topics. You eliminate the guessing that can often come with content marketing and replace it with a data-driven approach that keeps your focus on the topics that matter to your short- and long-term business goals.

Explore the power of AI marketing with MarketingCloudFX

If you want to leverage the power of AI marketing (and earn all the benefits), then MarketingCloudFX is a smart choice. This advanced AI software suite, which features the power of IBM Watson, allows your business to earn tremendous results from your digital marketing strategy.

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