A company reviews the benefits of marketing automation

8 Marketing Automation Benefits That Companies Love

Did you know that marketing automation (on average) increases sales productivity by 14.5 percent? That’s a massive benefit of marketing automation and is why companies across markets are adopting marketing automation software at a rapid rate. Learn more about marketing … Read MoreRead More

A business person shakes hands with a client

7 Lead Management Best Practices for Earning Dream Clients

For more than 60 percent of business-to-business (B2B) marketers, generating high-quality leads is one of the biggest challenges. That’s why, when your team does receive a valuable lead, you want to use the best practices for lead management to secure … Read MoreRead More

A woman makes a phone call

What Is Call Tracking? (And 4 Reasons Your Company Needs It)

In the U.S., the average person makes or receives six phone calls per day. They call not only their family and friends but also businesses like yours. That’s why call tracking is becoming a critical investment for companies, from brick-and-mortar … Read MoreRead More

A woman reviews machine learning marketing data

Machine Learning Marketing: 6 Powerful Must-Use Applications

Today, machine learning marketing is a powerful strategy for companies looking to grow. Whether you’re a small-to-midsized business (SMB) or established enterprise, your organization can leverage machine learning in marketing to increase your revenue and overcome your competitors. Not sure … Read MoreRead More

two people discuss B2B marketing best practices

6 B2B Marketing Best Practices You Can’t Afford to Ignore

In the business-to-business (B2B) industry, it’s competitive. If your company wants to not only succeed but also grow, you need a competitive marketing strategy that generates leads, drives sales, and builds loyalty. That’s why your business needs to follow these … Read MoreRead More

A woman uses marketing automation software

What Is Marketing Automation? (Your Quick Guide to Success)

Almost 50 percent of businesses today use marketing automation. What is marketing automation, though? It’s a powerful technology that promises to change every aspect of marketing your company offline and online. Ready to learn more about marketing automation, from what … Read MoreRead More

An empty server room

What Is IBM Watson? (And Why Does It Matter to Businesses?)

Across industries, IBM Watson is a big deal. Whether your company operates in financing, healthcare, or technology, IBM Watson offers a suite of features that can help your business increase its productivity, competitiveness, and revenue. What is IBM Watson, though, … Read MoreRead More

A person uses AI in marketing their business

AI Marketing: What Is AI Marketing & Why Does It Matter?

More than 70 percent of business leaders consider artificial intelligence (AI) a business advantage. That’s why companies are adopting AI at a rapid rate, integrating the technology into multiple aspects of their operations, including marketing. What is AI marketing, though, … Read MoreRead More

A person leaves a review

How to Get Customers to Leave Reviews: 7 Must-Try Tactics

Today, online reviews influence more than 65 percent of purchasing decisions. Without online reviews, which almost 85 percent of people trust as much as word-of-mouth recommendations, your company risks losing valuable business to competitors. Learning how to get customers to … Read MoreRead More

A person uses artificial intelligence marketing on a laptop

7 Innovative Ways to Use Artificial Intelligence Marketing

In today’s competitive marketplace, your business needs powerful tools (and a smart team) to compete. That’s why artificial intelligence marketing is becoming a critical part of every company’s digital marketing toolset. How can you use artificial intelligence in marketing, though? … Read MoreRead More