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Value of Call Tracking & Recording Software

Though online forms are both helpful and beneficial, not every online conversion happens through one. There are some industries that tend to get more calls than lead form submissions, and call tracking allows us to track performance to accurately measure our ROI value outside of online forms.

Call tracking will give you a better understanding of what types of leads are driving a positive ROI and provide you with information on what channels are producing the most call volume.

We can track phone calls from all sources such as:

  • Organic
  • Paid Search
  • Referral
  • Social Media
  • Direct
  • Traditional Offline

If you have a tracking number already, we can use it to track calls through MarketingCloudFX.

With CallTrackerFX, we’ll track up to 200 calls per month. Not to mention, our clients have access to call data for the life of their partnership with WebFX!

MarketingCloudFX Call Tracking Features

Our call tracking software has many features to help you grow your call volume. In order to improve the customer service experience, we’ll track missed calls to see when they happen most often.

Similarly to our lead tracking software, call tracking also provides a call score to show you how valuable the calls are.

Call recording and transcribing is a fantastic feature that we provide with our call tracking platform as well.

recording symbolCall Recordingcall tracking dashboard

If call recording is enabled, we can review customer calls to see what users are inquiring most about. This gives us the ability to then optimize our purchasing funnel and provide the user with the information they are looking for before they even pick up the phone.

Having the ability to review call recordings is priceless information. You can even use our recording for training purposes in addition to finding ways to improve customer service.


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The MarketingCloudFX difference is that we provide an array of marketing automation tools for your digital marketing efforts. Check out our pricing options.

As a WebFX client, we provide our call tracking services for free. Contact us for details on how to get a free MarketingCloudFX demo.

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