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showing valueImportance of Tracking Cost Per Lead & Return on Investment

In the world of business, it’s crucial to know exactly where your money is going, And to help you do so, we’ll track both cost per lead and return on investment metrics.

Knowing how much a lead costs you and the average return you make off of a lead will help tremendously in forecasting your future growth. That’s why our CPL dashboard automation software is such a great tool for marketing managers and business owners alike.

In the world of marketing, it can be difficult to calculate how much money you are making off of a specific marketing channel. With digital marketing, however, everything is trackable, and we can track every lead that we receive. With a marketing automation platform, it’s as simple as typing in your budget for a channel, and as you start tracking leads, you can calculate the cost per lead.


How Does MarketingCloudFX Track KPIcpl break down dashboard

The best part about our marketing automation software is that our dashboard makes it simple for businesses to access their CPL and ROI information on the spot. As you track your calls and lead forms through your website, the dashboard will automatically calculate your cost per lead and show you the value that you’re driving through your marketing efforts.

Collecting this key performance indicator data, we can see how your money is being spent and what channels are working the best. By providing a transparent platform for our clients, we can reduce the cost per lead and help your company grow.

Holistic Marketing Automation Software

As you look through our MarketingCloudFX tool belt, you will see many ways to track KPIs, reduce cost per lead, and grow your ROI. Our software provides a holistic approach to all things related to marketing automation.

You’ll be able to use our call tracking tool to collect and record call information to help improve training processes. In addition, you can track leads with LeadmanagerFX to customize and streamline your sales efforts, and you can even see what companies are coming to your site and what pages they are visiting to personalize your B2B traffic.

Every part of MarketingCloudFX will help you grow your return on investment and reduce CPL.

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