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Today, online reviews influence more than 65 percent of purchasing decisions. Without online reviews, which almost 85 percent of people trust as much as word-of-mouth recommendations, your company risks losing valuable business to competitors.

Learning how to get customers to leave reviews, however, is a struggle. That’s why this post compiles some of the best tactics for how to encourage customers to write reviews. Keep reading to learn more about the top seven ways to get genuine reviews for your business!

1.     Maximize your company’s online presence

Before you start learning how to get customers to leave reviews, you need to ensure your company makes it possible for people to share their experiences. Across the Internet, your business should have a presence.

For example, you should have a social media account on the top social media networks, like:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn

Your company should also create or claim its Google My Business listing. If you’re in the food, hospitality, or travel industry, also think about Yelp, Trip Advisor, and any other review sites that apply to your market.

When you make yourself active on these sites, you make it easier for customers to leave reviews. Even better, you provide another platform for future clients to read about your business, which can convince them to choose your products or services.

2.     Encourage customers to write reviews with rewards

Incentives are a proven way of getting customers to leave reviews. You can offer a variety of prizes or rewards, from an order discount to a giveaway entry to a free product. With incentives, the possibilities are endless.

Before you create incentives for rewards, however, your team needs to research what your target market wants. If you’re a tech company that offers speakers and headsets, for example, you may want to host a giveaway for a pair of your headphones, rather than a protective case for a smartphone.

When you offer customers incentives for leaving a review, don't incentivize positive reviews only

When you offer customers incentives for leaving a review, it’s critical that your team doesn’t incentivize positive reviews only. Specifying the kind of feedback you want won’t help your business earn genuine, high-quality reviews.

It’ll hurt your reputation instead, as well as leave you with less-than-positive reviews.

3.     Make leaving a review super simple

A critical step in how to get customers to leave reviews is by making the review process super simple.

If your company introduces a complicated process for submitting a review, it can decrease review rates substantially. For example, if you ask shoppers to review your business on Facebook, but don’t include a link to your page, it becomes a hassle for users to share their experience.

You can also make reviewing your business easy by picking the best time to ask your customers.

While you can ask shoppers to leave a review as soon as they purchase your product, this approach doesn’t work for all companies. If you’re an ecommerce store that sells clothing, for instance, people won’t leave a review until after they receive, try-on, and wear your product.

That’s why your business may send follow-up emails (with a link to the product) that invite users to leave a review. Or, you may include a card with your product that also encourages customers to share their experience online.

Brainstorm and test a few ideas to discover the best approach for your business.

4.     Ask new and loyal customers to share their experience

When you start asking customers to leave reviews, your company can focus on a variety of segments, from past to current to future clients. For the best results, start with new shoppers, as well as loyal customers.

A loyal shopper can provide your company, as well as future shoppers, with perspective on the long-term value of your products or services. They also demonstrate that your business has a loyal fanbase of consumers.

Frequent shoppers will also naturally highlight their extensive experience with your company in their review. For example, they may say they visit your restaurant almost every week, or they’ve purchased several of your products already. All these phrases highlight their history with your business.

Take the time to encourage reviews from all your customers to get the most from your reviews

With new shoppers, your company can earn new reviews fast regularly. Plus, you can receive insight from consumers using your products or services for the first time. This feedback can help your business improve the customer experience.

Take the time to encourage reviews from all your customers to get the most from your reviews.

5.     Send follow-up surveys

Your company can also approach the challenge of how to get customers to leave reviews by using surveys. With a questionaire, your business can ask users a series of targeted questions about your products, services, and customer experience.

You can even make the survey easier for shoppers by including multiple choice answers, like a scale from 1 to 10 with descriptions for each number, like, “good,” “poor,” or, “excellent.” If you do include questions that allow users to enter text, make sure you ask a specific question.

For instance, you may ask, “What is one thing that would make your online shopping experience better?” In this example, you’re asking for one suggestion (which doesn’t overwhelm users) about a specific feature of your business — the online shopping experience.

Make the experience even better for reviewers by including an estimated time for completing your survey. For the best response rates, try not to exceed five minutes. This estimation can turn many users off from the start, resulting in fewer reviews.

6.     Educate team members on why reviews matter

If you want to encourage customers to leave reviews successfully, you need support from your team members. They need to understand why reviews matter to your business, as well as how they can motivate shoppers to share their experience.

For example, if you operate a restaurant, it’s worthwhile to chat with your team about your ongoing initiative to generate reviews, like by hosting a giveaway for a free dinner. This conversation can help staff, like waiters, remember to mention the giveaway to diners.

Team members can motivate shoppers to share their experiences online

Your company can also use reviews to provide feedback to team members. A reviewer, for instance, may highlight the excellent work of a staff member, which you can reference and share with that team member.

If a shopper responds with a negative review, as well as mentions the name of a staff member, chat with that employee. You want to hear their side of the story before responding to the reviewer and providing feedback to that team member.

With the support of your staff, your business can start to succeed in earning customer reviews.

7.     Use review management software

Companies looking to maximize their client feedback can also take advantage of review management software, like ReviewBoostFX. With this software, your business can see a summary of all your reviews across platforms, from Facebook to Google My Business.

Software like ReviewBoostFX can also streamline your company’s review generation plan. For example, if you’re looking to earn reviews by connecting with shoppers via email, you can launch, send, and monitor those email campaigns from ReviewBoostFX.

These features save your business time, allowing you to focus on day-to-day tasks. It also expedites your assessment of your campaign’s performance, helping your team make fast decisions when it comes to improving or modifying your strategy.

Make the most of customer reviews with MarketingCloudFX

If you’re looking to learn how to get customers to leave reviews, these seven proven strategies can help your business earn valuable reviews across platforms, from Facebook to Google, that drive sales and visits to your brick-and-mortar or online store.

Do you want to learn more about how ReviewBoostFX can make earning and managing customer reviews easy? Request a free demo of MarketingCloudFX, the marketing automation suite that includes ReviewBoostFX, to see how it can help your business.

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