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Once You Get the Lead, it Doesn’t End There

After collecting leads with a marketing automation platform, you don’t want your leads to collect dust. One of the best opportunities to follow your lead generation efforts is to set up a lead nurturing campaign. Customers typically don’t make purchasing decisions right away — it could take weeks for a customer to decide to buy from you. It’s necessary to nurture those potential customers until they are loyal customers who will only shop with your business.

Advanced Software for Lead Nurturing

With our marketing automation platform, you’ll be able to collect leads and then nurture them through an email campaign where subscribers are added to the recipient list after filling out a contact form on the website. You can easily set up a sequence of emails to send to the potential customers based on where the visitor is thought to be in the buying funnel.

LeadNurtureFX email drip campaigns keep your business top of mind and answer the potential customer questions as they are researching for a product or service.


Email Drip Campaigns

drip impact

Stay top of mind throughout the sales cycle and use LeadNurtureFX as an education tool for your customers. Educated customers through drip campaigns lead to more closed sales.

Create a drip campaign for any industry to see results. Lead nurture campaigns in the following industries have been proven to drive sales:

  • Construction
  • Education
  • Art & Entertainment
  • Health Care & Social Assistance
  • Manufacturing
  • Real Estate
  • eCommerce

Typically, it takes more than one email to get the customer to buy a product or service. Scatter offers, couples and sales throughout your drip campaign to give users incentive to purchase for your business.

LeadNurtureFX Featureslead nurturing

LeadNurtureFX allows you to build intelligent, custom email campaigns that send your company’s message to potential customers when users visit specific pages on your website. You’ll get advanced lead nurture reporting and ongoing optimization consultation from our lead nurturing specialists and be able to see the fine details of your campaign – things like how many emails were sent to a specific user and how many times they opened that email.

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