A company reviews the benefits of marketing automation

Did you know that marketing automation (on average) increases sales productivity by 14.5 percent? That’s a massive benefit of marketing automation and is why companies across markets are adopting marketing automation software at a rapid rate.

Learn more about marketing automation’s top eight benefits now:

1.     Save your team time

Marketers can invest a significant amount of time in developing, launching, and managing campaigns. Whether your business focuses on content marketing, email marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), or another strategy, these digital marketing strategies demand your team’s time.

With marketing automation, however, your team can do more with their time. In addition to managing your company’s current strategies, they can dedicate time to other areas, like conversion rate optimization (CRO), without hurting the performance of your existing approach.

That’s because marketing automation software, like MarketingCloudFX, can streamline and automate everyday tasks. You can use marketing automation, for example, to automate the sending of email drip campaigns or grading of brand-new leads.

No matter how your company markets itself online, marketing automation will save your team time.

2.     Monitor your marketing channels in one place

In today’s marketing landscape, businesses take an omni-channel approach to digital marketing. You promote your company across social, search, email, and more. It’s a headache, however, to monitor your performance because your team needs to reference multiple channels and programs.

Marketing automation software can solve this problem.

With a full-service platform, like MarketingCloudFX, your teams can check on the overall performance of your campaigns in one place

With a full-service platform, like MarketingCloudFX, your marketing (and sales) team can check on the overall performance of your campaigns in one place. Plus, they can review critical data, like the number of leads generated or the total return on investment (ROI) from your efforts.

When you have a single platform for monitoring your marketing efforts, your company benefits from marketing automation in a few ways. One, you save your team valuable time. Two, you streamline information sharing. Three, you maximize your team’s productivity.

3.     Automate your lead nurturing processes

For your sales team, a critical part of their day-to-day focuses on nurturing valuable leads. In many cases, however, it’s difficult for your sales team to provide every lead with the attention and care they need to convert.

That’s why businesses use marketing automation software for lead nurturing.

A lead nurturing program, like LeadNurtureFX, can resolve a lot of the challenges that come with lead nurturing. Based on a lead’s behavior, your sales team can automate messages, content, and more to move that lead closer to purchase.

If you’re in the business-to-business (B2B) industry, your company can’t overlook this marketing automation benefit. Leads are a critical part of your operations. That’s why you need a smart lead nurturing strategy, which marketing automation provides.

Even if you operate in the business-to-consumer (B2C) market, your business can use lead nurturing software to maintain a relationship with repeat customers. Personalized email offers, for example, can drive frequent shoppers to buy from your company again.

4.     Create and share your marketing reports fast

Whether you’re looking to compile reports for your marketing team or company decision-makers, you need to create an easy-to-read report for your audience. Without marketing automation software, that’s a challenge.

Since a marketing automation software compiles all your marketing strategies into one channel, it’s a hassle-free process to review and import your data into a report. In some cases, your marketing automation software allows you to create or download reports in a shareable format.

Platforms like MarketingCloudFX also feature an easy-to-use dashboard, which makes it easy for marketing and sales team members, as well as company decision-makers to log-in and review your data — without even looking at a report.

Again, this benefit of marketing automation saves your business time and maximizes your productivity.

5.     Personalize your marketing strategies

Personalization matters to modern consumers and business buyers. It’s become so common for companies to personalize that shoppers expect it. A recent study even found that more than 40 percent of users get annoyed when businesses fail to customize content.

How can your team personalize content to thousands of users?

Companies accomplish personalization with marketing automation software like PersonalizeFX. This program, for example, allows your team to tailor content to a user based on their location, past behavior, and more.

More than 40 percent of users get annoyed when businesses fail to customize content

The ability to personalize is a tremendous benefit of marketing automation. It’s impossible for companies to deliver a customized experience to every user without marketing automation. That’s why, if your business wants to offer personalization, it needs marketing automation.

6.     Align your sales and marketing teams

The misalignment of sales and marketing teams is a common challenge for companies everywhere. While marketing automation software doesn’t completely resolve the differences between marketing and sales, it does help bring the two departments closer together.

That’s because marketing automation software provides your teams with a single platform. Your sales and marketing teams can each access sales and marketing data, which can help both sides learn about the goals and challenges of the other.

For example, if your marketing automation software includes lead scoring capabilities, like MarketingCloudFX, your marketing team can see how many qualified leads resulted from varying strategies, like social media or paid advertising.

This view can bring marketing and sales teams into closer alignment. Your marketing team, for instance, can recognize that while your social media strategy performs well on paper, it fails to deliver the high-quality leads that your sales team needs.

For your business, that can lead to results-driven strategies for generating leads and revenue.

7.     Scale your marketing solutions

If you’re a small-to-midsize business (SMB), it’s critical to use marketing software that scales with your business. Without a scalable solution, your company must go through the frustrating process of switching from one program to the next.

A marketing automation platform can often scale with your business. That’s because many providers design their software for small, midsize, and enterprise-level companies, offering different service tiers that match each organization’s unique needs.

With all the additional features of marketing automation software, scalability maximizes the benefits of marketing automation. It also makes it easier when persuading company decision-makers to adopt marketing automation.

8.     Improve your lead management

The process of reviewing, managing, and nurturing leads consumes a significant amount of your sales team’s time. In a lot of instances, your sales team struggles to expedite lead management, as well as provide every lead with the attention needed to drive a sale.

Your company can resolve this all-too-common problem by investing in marketing automation. With marketing automation, your business can streamline and improve lead management, from scoring to nurturing leads.

Automation can result in faster lead conversion times, which is another benefit of marketing automation

As your business improves your lead management processes, you can expect improvements in other areas. For example, with better lead scoring, your sales team wastes less time on low-value leads. They also boost their sales numbers with an automated lead nurturing process.

In some cases, this automation can result in faster lead conversion times, which is another benefit of marketing automation.

Get the full benefits of marketing automation with MarketingCloudFX

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