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B2B marketing automation is one of the most important additions a company’s online strategy. While it may sound risky to trust your marketing tactics to an automated program, B2B marketing automation software can yield exceptional results for businesses of any size.

What is marketing automation?

Marketing automation software targets your site visitors more effectively, consistently, and persistently than a typical marketing campaign. Automated programs track user data to help convert more site visitors into paying customers.

Automated marketing has become popular among B2B companies because automation generates more and better sales leads. And while it sounds like it could be complicated, 75% of companies using B2B marketing automation have implemented it in fewer than six months. That means you continue your traditional marketing strategies as you build an automated system, giving you the best of both worlds.

Why automated marketing for B2B companies is important

The benefits of marketing automation for B2B companies are huge. The biggest direct benefit is the opportunity to increase revenue, which is reportedly three times higher than companies using traditional marketing methods alone. That means you just made it three times easier to grow your bottom line — and your company — with one marketing program.

The next big benefit of an automated marketing platform comes in lead nurturing, otherwise known as persistence. For potential clients who aren’t yet ready to buy, you can automatically nurture that sales lead to gradually turn them into paying customers. The exact way you choose to nurture those leads is up to you, but by setting up an automated marketing system to do it, you passively build a relationship with your new leads.

The final benefit is the time that automatic marketing saves your business. After your automated marketing platform is set up, you and your marketers are free to pursue other ways to attract clients and encourage them through the sales funnel.

How B2B marketing automation works with personalizationpersonalization-b2b

Personalization is the implementation of the idea that every client you have is different, whether that’s through their personalities, needs, industries, or other factors. Based on that fact, it doesn’t make sense to offer cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all pitches to all of your clients. Instead, personalization gives your emails a more genuine, heart-felt, and signature appearance while saving you valuable time.

And while it may sound like personalization requires a human touch, you can easily achieve it with marketing automation tools.

You can personalize emails by requesting your sales leads to sign up for newsletters with their name, company name, company industry, email addresses, and phone number. If your automated marketing system tracks user data like MarketingCloudFX, you can also gather data about user behavior, demographics, and more. Afterward, you can add that information into your emails so that your message feels less like it came from a machine and more like it was crafted by a person.

Greeting the person by name is a must, and somehow mentioning their company in the body text is a great way to start a relationship with a potential lead. Because you have their phone number, you can also use the area code to say something about the company’s town, or you can throw in some information about their industry that shows you understand a lead’s needs. Last, depending on the capabilities of your marketing automation platform, you can link them to similar products, services, or pages that they may like. Showing that you know your lead can go a long way to new sales.

No matter how you choose to pursue personalization, the point is to make it feel genuine. Don’t just send an email to someone as a salesman — connect with them as a person. By creating a low-pressure, comfortable, and relatable environment, your relationships with these potential sales leads will thrive and possible leads into customers.

Is there proof that automated marketing works for B2B companies?

Absolutely. A lot of support for B2B marketing automation comes in the form of case studies, which are all based on critical information like a company’s industry, its approach, and how it worked.

SmartBear Software implemented an automated marketing campaign that resulted in a 200% increase in leads. They achieved their success through setting objectives, choosing software, starting slow, understanding obstacles, and nurturing their new leads. As the company grew, they added more employees who could work with automated marketing, and that grew them even more.

Crain’s Business Insurance automated their marketing and increased their net revenue by more than $500,000. Crain’s chose a vendor, educated their IT department, scored leads, and added new programs to complement their existing lead generation. After all was said and done, the publication witnessed a 43% increase in newsletter subscribers and a 2.6% conversion rate from anonymous website visitors alone.

CentricsIT used marketing automation to increase leads by 59% and generate a hefty $1.5 million in revenue. The digital solutions firm prepared for their new system by educating their sales team, hiring more marketers, and supporting their automation software. In just eight months, CentricsIT raked in record revenue that they could attribute directly to their automated marketing system.

These three case studies are only a handful of success stories that have come from automated marketing processes. There are plenty of others out there, and if you implement your own system, the next one could be about you!

MarketingCloudFX can help


MarketingCloudFX is a suite of B2B marketing automation software that you can use to grow your business. These marketing automation tools are designed to track and store data on individual site visitors, including their demographics, behavior, interests, and much more. Because MarketingCloudFX reads visitors’ user data and other information, you can categorize visitors based on firmographic data, meaning you can offer services and products to certain leads based exclusively on a visitor’s company.

All of this information is incredibly helpful when you’re creating your marketing materials. You can personalize calls to action, offer special discounts, and use other unique appeals to your leads that all include what you’ve learned about your visitors. And once you have your system set up, you can streamline your marketing process to save valuable time.

With proper implementation and use, the B2B marketing automation power of MarketingCloudFX can help you achieve success for your business on a scale that was previously unattainable. For any business with an online presence, automated marketing solutions are a must-have for your digital marketing strategy.

If you’re interested in starting your automated marketing campaign with MarketingCloudFX, check out our pricing page for more information.

We want to work with you to help your company grow. Contact us today to start making more money!


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