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In the U.S., the average person makes or receives six phone calls per day. They call not only their family and friends but also businesses like yours. That’s why call tracking is becoming a critical investment for companies, from brick-and-mortar stores to business-to-business (B2B) organizations.

What is call tracking, though?

It’s a new (and better) way for your company to not only monitor its interactions with future customers and high-value leads but also assess the performance of its marketing and advertising strategies, as well as its sales team.

Learn more about call tracking, from what it is to why it matters, now!

What is call tracking?

Call tracking allows your business to determine the source of a phone call, like an online advertisement, billboard, or webpage, by using different numbers for each outlet. Depending on the call tracking software, it may also include call transcriptions and recordings.

Call tracking lets you determine the source of a phone call, like a webpage, by using different numbers for each outlet

Why track inbound calls?

In today’s marketplace, companies use a variety of traditional and digital advertising and marketing strategies to reach their target audience. Leveraging so many different outlets and mediums, however, leads to difficult-to-track results.

As an example, think about the following scenario.

Ted and Donna spend the afternoon running errands, and they’re looking to treat themselves to a fancy dinner. With a quick search on Google, Ted sees an ad for an upscale restaurant. He wants to make sure they grab a seat, though, so Ted decides to call the restaurant to reserve a table.

The catch, however, is that Ted didn’t click on the advertisement. That means, even though the ad drove Ted to call (and eventually dine at the restaurant with Donna) it won’t receive credit for it. That’s because the ad featured the same exact number as the restaurant.

With call tracking software, however, the restaurant could have assigned a different number for its ad campaigns. That way, even though Ted didn’t click on the ad, the restaurant would know that the call resulted from its ad campaign.

As Ted and Donna’s story demonstrates, you want to invest in call tracking for your business.

How much does call tracking cost?

The prices for call tracking software vary widely and often depend on how many numbers and minutes you’re using, as well as any additional features, like call recording and transcription. That’s why businesses can pay as little as $20 per month.

Prices for call tracking software vary widely and often depend on how many numbers and minutes you’re using

If your company’s serious about marketing and advertising, you may invest in a software suite that includes call tracking. MarketingCloudFX for example, comes with call tracking in addition to several other marketing automation tools, like for lead management, competitor tracking, and more.

A software suite can cost your business a few hundred to a few thousand dollars per month.

4 undeniable advantages of call tracking

Making call tracking a part of your marketing and advertising strategy provides four impressive benefits:

1.      Improve the accuracy of your marketing and sales data

As demonstrated by the earlier example of Ted and Donna, call tracking improves the accuracy of your marketing, advertising, and sales data in an unparalleled way. Without call tracking software, you can only assume how business buyers or consumers find your company.

Whether you’re investing your marketing and advertising budget into digital or traditional outlets, you want accurate data you can trust. Without that data, your team risks making decisions that will hurt your efforts, as well as your bottom line.

For instance, your business may assess your marketing and advertising budget and discover that your pay-per-click (PPC) ad campaigns haven’t resulted in any substantial or valuable conversions. In response, you end the campaigns and direct your budget elsewhere.

If you had a call tracking software, however, your team could see that those campaigns were driving conversions. With that hard data, your department could continue supporting and improving your online advertising strategy to generate even more high-value conversions.

2.      Discover valuable keywords for SEO and PPC

Call tracking can also benefit your digital marketing and advertising methods. If you’re investing in search engine optimization (SEO) and PPC, for example, your company can use data from your PPC campaign to inform not only your ad campaigns but also your SEO strategy.

When you advertise with Google Ads and Bing Ads, as well as other online advertising platforms, your company can receive valuable keyword data. This keyword data explains what people searched for that triggered or caused your ad to appear.

Create ad groups for high-value keywords and assign a specific phone number to each ad group

For example, go back to Ted again. If he searched for “fancy restaurants in Seattle” and clicked on that upscale restaurant’s listing, his search of “fancy restaurants in Seattle” would show as one of the keywords.

Based on your company’s keyword data, you can determine not only which keywords triggered your ad but also which keywords drove clicks and conversions. With this data, you can narrow your list of keywords, focusing your efforts on the most valuable ones.

Your call tracking software can help you here too.

As you narrow your keywords, you may create ad groups for high-value keywords, assigning a specific phone number to each ad group. Your team can then track the offline performance of these keywords by monitoring the number of phone calls they drive to your business.

When you compile your call tracking and PPC data, your team can then make your next move when it comes to your SEO strategy. For example, you may create a new page on your website that targets a high-performing keyword to drive not only organic but also paid traffic to your site.

3.      Compare the performance of traditional and digital advertising channels

Depending on your business, you may invest in traditional and digital marketing and advertising. This dual approach helps your company work towards its goals for growth, as well as benchmarks for quarterly sales.

If you use traditional advertising and marketing, however, then you know how difficult it is to track its results. Unless a business buyer or consumer mentions it, you have no idea if a billboard, commercial, or direct mail brochure resulted in phone calls to your business.

A call tracking software can change that.

It can help your company bring clarity to the performance and results of your traditional advertising and marketing methods. By applying different phone numbers to different campaigns, you can get real-time insight into the results of each strategy.

For many businesses, this insight can lead to massive cost savings.

You may realize, for example, that your direct mailers aren’t generating any substantial sales for your company. In response, your team decides to end your direct mailer initiative and redirect your budget into a channel that is working.

4.      Get call transcripts, recordings, and more

While your business may already have an advanced phone system in-place, call tracking can help your company get more from your phone calls. With some call tracking platforms, you can record calls and receive call transcriptions.

Some call tracking platforms offer call recording and call transcriptions to help your sales team

This feature is an enormous win for your sales team. They can review what a potential lead said (without replaying the call multiple times) and get an accurate idea of what the shopper wants and expects from your company.

In some cases, you can even monitor ongoing calls between a caller and your company. Businesses will often use this feature to train new sales and customer support members, as well as find improvements for customer service.

Start tracking calls to your business

If you’re looking to improve the accuracy of your marketing and sales data, plus ensure every channel drives revenue for your company, start exploring call tracking software. You can even try a free demo of MarketingCloudFX, which features CallTrackerFX, an advanced call tracking application.

Request a free demo today to see CallTrackerFX in action!

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