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Almost 50 percent of businesses today use marketing automation. What is marketing automation, though? It’s a powerful technology that promises to change every aspect of marketing your company offline and online.

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What is marketing automation?

The definition of marketing automation is simple: it’s a technology that manages and automates marketing strategies across multiple channels, from social to search to email. With marketing automation, companies can deliver better user experiences, plus expedite in-house tasks.

Marketing automation manages and automates marketing strategies across multiple channels, from social to search

In most cases, marketing automation takes the form of a marketing automation software, like MarketingCloudFX. This software allows your business to use marketing automation in your day-to-day, taking advantage of the full benefits of marketing automation without the development costs.

What is a marketing automation software?

A marketing automation software is a platform for launching and using marketing automation. MarketingCloudFX, as well as Pardot, are examples of marketing application platforms that help your company use marketing automation.

With marketing automation software you can spot audience trends and build an accurate model of your target market

While you can develop a marketing automation software in-house, it’s often a cost-prohibitive process for many businesses. You have to hire developers, as well as go through an extensive development and testing phase before your team can use the software.

That’s why many companies partner with a third-party service provider for marketing automation software. Businesses can also streamline their use of marketing automation software by partnering with an agency, like WebFX, that provides marketing services with the software.

How does marketing automation work?

Every marketing automation platform operates differently.

That’s why, before investing in marketing automation software, your team wants to review the features and functions of each application. No matter the differences, however, the software should enhance and expedite your day-to-day tasks.

For example, many marketing automation platforms, including MarketingCloudFX, compile valuable data about potential and current clients. You can even learn useful information about competitors visiting and interacting with your site.

With this information, your company can make strategic decisions when it comes to your sales and marketing efforts. For example, you may leverage marketing automation capabilities for personalization to deliver a customized experience to leads visiting your site.

You can also use your proprietary data to revamp your email marketing campaign, for instance. With email, plus marketing automation, you can create hyper-targeted emails that appeal to every user’s specific interests, like by recommending products based on their browsing history.

No matter how much traffic your website experiences, you can use marketing automation to not only break down and assess this data but also come away with actionable recommendations for improving your online marketing and sales efforts.

Why does marketing automation matter?

While your team may recognize the potential of marketing automation, it’s a common challenge to earn the support of decision-makers in your business. If you’re able to demonstrate the marketing automation’s benefits, however, you can move towards gaining their backing.

A few of the most compelling advantages of marketing automation include:

Adapt to non-linear buying journeys

In today’s marketplace, consumers and business buyers take a drastically different buying journey than in previous years. Now, with the Internet, they can browse, compare, and research products and services whenever.

This change makes for a non-linear buying journey.

Marketing automation helps your business bring some stability to the modern buying journey

If your company wants to not only succeed in today’s marketplace but also grow, then you need to accommodate this stage. You must create an online experience that caters to business buyers and consumers moving in, out, and through the buying funnel in unpredictable ways.

Marketing automation helps your business bring some stability to the modern buying journey.

As your marketing automation software gathers, compiles, and analyzes data, your team can look for trends in the buyer journey. Based on your findings, you can adapt and modify your sales and marketing strategies to make becoming a lead or purchasing your product easier.

Align sales and marketing teams

For many companies, it’s a challenge to coordinate the efforts of the sales and marketing teams. This misalignment, however, can cause several problems in not only generating high-value leads but also securing them.

A marketing automation software, like MarketingCloudFX, can serve as a mediator between your sales and marketing teams. Both departments can access and review the data, which can highlight shortcomings in sales and marketing efforts.

Either way, your company receives a trusted, accurate, and unbiased resource when it comes to evaluating your marketing and sales performance. Not to mention, this evaluation can provide your teams with actionable recommendations for improving both strategies.

Make data-driven decisions

When your business makes a decision, you want to make an educated one. A lot of companies, however, allow themselves to make hunches or guesses when it comes to their marketing and sales efforts. With marketing automation, however, you don’t have to do that anymore.

Your business can focus on data-driven decisions.

Even better, you can streamline information-sharing about your decisions and data with a marketing automation platform. Via your platform, everyone on your team can access and analyze the compiled data, allowing you to gain multiple perspectives on your next move.

Get insight into real clients and leads

While a buyer persona can provide your business with some insight into your target market, it doesn’t do a deep-dive on the motivations driving a consumer or business buyer to visit your website, research your product, or contact your team.

For a competitive and successful marketing and sales strategy, you need to have an unmatched understanding of your target audience. That way, you can tailor your efforts to that audience’s specific wants, needs, and expectations.

With marketing automation software you can spot audience trends and build an accurate model of your target market

Marketing automation can help your business with this challenge.

With marketing automation software like MarketingCloudFX, your company can evaluate a tremendous amount of data in a short period. Then, you can spot audience trends, building an accurate model of your target market.

You can even integrate platforms like MarketingCloudFX with your customer relationship management (CRM) software, which is a massive perk for your sales team. Depending on your CRM application, this feature can provide your business with unparalleled insight into the movements of your audience.

Personalize shopper experiences

Marketing automation also comes with another important benefit. You can personalize the experience of every shopper or business buyer. Whether you’re creating an email marketing campaign, launching a remarketing ad, or investing in another marketing strategy, you can use personalization.

While you can personalize without marketing automation, it’s a time- and resource-intensive process. That’s why many businesses use marketing automation software for personalization initiatives. With this software, you can automate the entire process.

Personalization can have a tremendous influence on the decisions of current and future clients. It can persuade them to purchase your product, plus another recommended product. Or, it can make them feel welcomed by your business, motivating them to take the next step.

That’s why personalization is one of the most significant benefits of marketing automation.

Start your marketing automation journey

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